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Creating blogs to reach Hispanic Internet users

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Creating blogs to reach the Hispanic market means not only learning effective blogging techniques but also being sensitive to the cultural markers that will attract the Hispanic audience. It is important to understand that each Hispanic sub-segment is different and that marketing to each group might require different tools, images and sales pitches. Additionally, many Hispanics use both Spanish and English comfortably and respond to messages in both languages, so including Spanish content is also vital. Following are five tips to creating an effective blog that markets to a Hispanic audience.

  • Give the blog a unique personality. This can be achieved with the types of stories posted, the language and tone used in the postings and even the look of the blog. Being knowledgeable about the specific target audience is central to creating the right personality of the blog. Blog owners should invest some time researching the Hispanic market they are trying to reach so that the blog is designed to interest this audience through their particular interests.
  • Create and post content that is focused and valuable. Again, this takes research to understand what interests the particular target audience. Blog posts should avoid fluff and instead should provide the readers with information they can truly use or learn from. The content should also be culturally-sensitive, particularly when addressing a specific Hispanic group since information that generalizes the Hispanic market as one market can easily offend each sub-group. Again, the blog owner must acquire knowledge about their specific target audience to avoid offending and pushing his readers away.
  • Post blog content in both English and Spanish. Because many Hispanics tend to be comfortable with both languages, they might also choose to read interchangeably in both languages. Some blogs might offer all content in both languages or choose what pieces they will provide in English and which pieces they will provide in Spanish. Depending on the audience and the tone and focus of the blog, content can sometimes be offered in a mixture of both languages.
  • Encourage the readers to comment on the blog posts. An interactive blog will not only attract the audience but keep them coming back. Allowing visitors to comment on the blog entries usually means that visitors will return to read new comments and interact with both the writer and other audience members.
  • Post consistently and frequently. Hispanic marketing experts should create blogs that offer a lot of useful content and continue to add to the content by posting regularly, whether a few times a week or even daily, if time and budget allow it. When readers know they can expect new content consistently, visiting the blog becomes part of their routine.

Creating an effective blog that markets to Hispanics does not have to be a difficult endeavor. The most popular blogging platforms, such as WordPress and Blogger, offer a host of features that help marketers set up and maintain a unique blog easily. Getting to know the specific target audience, creating a blog that will attract this audience, posting consistent information useful to this audience and allowing the audience members to become part of the blog community by posting and participating, will ensure that the blog is successful and that it endures as time goes on.

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